Monday, September 15, 2014

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We are an information driven site.

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CBD  The CBD Store   buy cbd

We are an information driven site with CBD products we believe in for usage.       

I am Scott Salisbury the owner, a user, and a subject matter expert on CBD. Make me prove it, call! Medical Marijuana Inc and CannaVest are both publicly traded companies. Truly the Pioneers in the Hemp Based CBD Industry. We make it easy to know, decide and buy CBD products.  
CBD (Cannabidiol), is a naturally-occurring constituent 
of the industrialized hemp plant and is Legal in all 50 States. 
Every product we sell from this store is Legal in all 50 States 

In the Cannabinoid Family exists Cannabidiol = CBD 

It is because of Mary
 I opened this store
We donate 10% back to Patients out of time every Month 

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